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Baths – My Immunity Tool

If I’m ever feeling run down and on the verge of getting a cold (runny nose, achy, sore throat), my go-to is always to take a hot steaming bath filled with tea tree and eucalyptus oil.
Comfort & Healing
This simple act is so restoring, especially when I get a rolling sweat and ensure that I get my neck and upper back immersed in the water. This ensures that I open the pores and sweat out all the toxins.

Skin & Immunity

The skin, of course, is the body’s protective covering. It physically prevents external pathogens and germs from entering our body and damaging our organs. What you might not know is the role that the skin plays in maintaining our immune system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the skin is part of the Lung System and engaging this system is a powerful way to build healthy immunity.

Working the Skin

The skin and the lungs are interconnected. In order to keep our lung and respiratory system strong and robust, we need to ensure our skin is working to its optimal function. If the lungs are working properly, then the skin will have a healthy luster and the opening and closing of the pores is well regulated. Sweating in a hot bath helps to work the skin to ensure the sweat is good to get rid of toxins and build immunity.

Including the Sinuses

The steam from the bath also helps to loosen the mucous in our sinuses so that we can expel it and think and breathe more clearly. I find that this sweet spot when I lower the back of my head into the water, far enough that the top of my head and ears are immersed. When I get into this position, I can feel the blockages in my sinuses give way. When I blow my nose after the bath, it’s such a relief to clear my stuffy sinuses. It’s like my mild headache and brain fog evaporate.

Soothe the Ache

Using Epsom salts in the water helps with sleep and the relaxation of tight muscles because of the magnesium… more about that here. We all know that a good night sleep is key to getting better.

Essential Oils

Tea Tree – A few drops of tea tree oil in the bath water helps with antibacterial function if you feel like you’re getting sick and also helps to dry any mucous that may be accumulating

Eucalyptus – boosts respiratory health, strengthens the immune system, protects skin health, eases tension and anxiety, eliminates inflammation, and fights against bacterial infection.

What you Need:

  • Fill a hot bath – as hot as you can manage
  • 1 cup of Epsom salts
  • 5-7 drops of Tea Tree Oil
  • 5-7 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • Essential oil amounts are more or less dependent on your personal preference, and size of your tub. I like MORE, and often use 10 drops of each!
  • A glass of water on the edge of the tub

Optimal Time

20-30 mins of soaking in the tub
Less if you are feeling too hot – it can be intense if you are new to this practice

I like to finish off with a lukewarm shower to cool myself off and regulate my temperature. You may get out and continue to sweat, that’s perfectly ok. Try to wear light breathable clothing and keep yourself warm.

Super Deluxe Bath-time

Light a few candles to help your senses relax and calm your nervous system
If you have a diffuser, put a few drops of your favorite essential oils to clean the air and create a calming environment
Play your favorite music

I personally like a very quiet space, where I can hear myself breathing and I try to use the time to do a little meditation to free myself from the worries and thoughts of the day.

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